Redefining Success in Turbulent Times

by Robert Michael Fried

Success and monetary achievement have always been an important and respected part of our American way of life. But in today’s turbulent times we need to take a giant step back and wonder if we’ve been defining “success” far too narrowly for far too long.


Just look around us: we live in a world of frenzied instant satellite communications. Cellular phones, email and digital technology has put us perpetually “on call” 24/7. We now exist on a planet of instant analysis where history is being made so rapidly that we’re having trouble just keeping pace with it - let alone understanding its meaning.

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How to Achieve Your Personal Goals and Dreams


Here we go again - almost ready to ring in the New Year, while blurred bisions of unfulfilled past resolutions still echo in our ears.


As a global marketing executive, I’ve had my fair share of business success, but my number one resolution this year is to turn my life into my most successful business venture yet! I (like many others) have sometimes confused having a good career with having a good life. This year I’m going to make it my business to take action on what really matters most, not only in my career, but in pursuing my personal goals and dreams as well.


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10 Ways to Maximize Your Most Valuable Asset - You

Taking Stock in "You, Inc."

By Robert Michael Fried

Just like a CEO of a company, you are in charge of your own personal brand. OK, let’s face it, you’re not Apple. You’re not Google, you’re not Nike, but you are in charge of an even more important brand – Me, Inc. Personal brand building is a process that offers your uniqueness to the outside world. It packages your attributes and characteristics in a way that allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Here are 10 tips to maximize your most valuable asset - You

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3 Tips to Rekindle Your Lost Fire at Work

ch Rekindle Fire at Work

1. Volunteer to work on an additional job task that appeals to you and ignites your passion. (It helps to volunteer for a task that is important to your company, but no other employee wants to tackle).

2. View your present job as a mere stepping stone to your future success. (Many waitresses and waiters wait on tables so they can be available for that all important casting call).

3. Go for greatness! Take your mundane job or task to a higher level. (If you're a bricklayer, think of yourself as laying the foundation for the most beautiful catherdral on earth).


Robert Michael Fried is the best selling author of Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion. He is a marketing executive who has guided the strategic direction for companies like Motorola, Nautilus, bebe eyewear, and several emerging Silicon Valley firms. He is co-founder of Thirdwind, a company dedicated to helping people achieve true success by making meaning as well as money.








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