10 Sure Fire Signs That You're Burning Out at Work

Blog Burn Out at Work Here are 10 surefire signs:

 1. When you keep focusing on the clock, instead of your work.

2. When you start thinking about what you're doing next weekend on Monday afternoon.

3. When you think it's Friday but it's only Thursday.

4. When you're not tapping into your true talents or potential.


5. When you're constantly fatigued.

6. When you can't get enthusiastic about a project that would normally turn you on.

7. When you're working merely for a paycheck.

8. When you're constantly checking Yahoo! Jobs, monster.com and LinkedIn for new opportunities.

9. When your true calling is not aligned with the work that you're doing.

10. When there's an ache in the pit of your stomach that says, " This no longer feels right."


Robert Michael Fried is the best selling author of Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion. He is a marketing executive who has guided the strategic direction for companies like Motorola, Nautilus, bebe eyewear, and several emerging Silicon Valley firms. He is co-founder of Thirdwind, a company dedicated to helping people achieve true success by making meaning as well as money.

    New York Times Feature Story: A Business Like Approach to Life


    A NEW year is by definition a new beginning. So it is no surprise that publishers have a gaggle of career and personal-fulfillment books moving into stores. What is unexpected, however, is the tack taken by many of these books - including one from the man responsible for starting the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series...

    To these authors, putting your life and career in order is no different from tackling a business problem: you figure out the scope of the challenge, break it down into manageable chunks and tackle them one by one. You do this sort of thing successfully at work every day, the authors say, so why shouldn't this approach work for rearranging your personal life?


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    Steve Job's Book by Walter Isaacson


    The release of the Steve Job’s biography by Walter Isaacson today gave me the opportunity to muse over on what an out-of-the-box approach to life can mean for all of us.

    Apple was much more than a business for Jobs; it was a passionate platform from which he launched concepts and products that we literally fell in love with. Job’s expressed his creativity with a delightful sense of almost child-like wonderment.  His purpose was to make soul-stirring products that often made our hearts sing.  From the personal computer, to our music, to the way we used the phone, he changed the way we viewed the world around us.  His products offered a unique blend of technology sprinkled with a keen sense of liberal arts.

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