How to Find Your Balance

Blog_How_to_Find_BalanceLet's focus in on what areas of your life you feel are most out of balance and may need some attention.

There are certain fundamental needs in our lives: health, wealth (money/ career/ business), relationships, community (family and friends) and spiritual connections.

It is these elements or areas of our lives that I would like to explore a little bit in this blog.

Think for a moment. Which of these areas in your life are currently out of balance and need some attention? Often, we are so busy with our lives that we don’t stop to consider this and then the cracks start to appear.

We will explore each of these, how they impact your life and how you can, if you chose to, start to work on improving them. Each of these areas work in harmony. So if one is seriously "out" then it will likely have a knock on effect on some of the others.

Often pain in one area such as finances, or health may be caused by so much imbalance in another area that a person just cannot get momentum and clarity to attract success in the area they are focused on. Many people want to explore wealth and opportunities and we will definitely do that on this journey.  However, we first need to take an honest look at where you are in each of your key life areas.

Without consciously realizing it, on a daily basis you probably have several different "roles" that you play in your life. For example, let’s say you wake early in the morning. Your goal is to exercise for an hour then eat a healthy fresh breakfast. This is your Health role. If you have children, you become "Super-mum" or "Wonder-dad" when they wake up, responsible for getting these beautiful young lives ready for school. 

When you get to work you have to deal with financial, business and company issues. You change into the "Top Employee" or "Best Business Owner".  At the end of your day, you head home to become the "Amazing husband, wife or Partner" and later you take time to relax and have some quiet contemplation in your "Spiritual Role".

In reality, your day may be more hectic or relaxed than this, but this gives you a quick overview of all the roles you are playing throughout your day. 

Create a list of 6 – 8 key areas that make up your life. Alongside each one, put a score of 1 to 10. A score of 1 means you are totally unhappy and 10 means you are completely happy with that area of your life. You will have to be brutally honest with yourself for this to work.

Now re-write the list in order of lowest score at the top and the highest at the bottom. As you look at the list, note your reaction. Was it obvious before you did the exercise or was there another area that you had secretly been ignoring (relationship, health etc)?

Your first objective is to start working on improving the two areas with the lowest scores.

Our goal at Thirdwind is to explore these different areas through e-books, expert interviews, blogs, videos, audios, books and seminars, and share with you gifts, tools and insights from the community. Our hope is that these will provide you with life skills that you can use in your daily lives and that can be used to help improve and inspire those around you.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey. Please share your stories. Send us an email at inspired [at] thirdwind [dot] com. We hope to meet each of you and to learn about you and your experiences.



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