How to Transform Your Life

Blog_How_to_Transform_Your_LifeLife wasn't always glamourous.

Somewhere splattered throughout the cosmos are a lot of broken hearts, lost dreams, crushed hopes, flat tires, scraped knees and late night buckets of ice cream.

Tear-stained t-shirts mark the track of time where "Dear John" letters, cards offering condolences and a heckuva lot of chocolate bar wrappers have been sprinkled along for good measure.

If you sometimes get the feeling you're stuck in a rut and simply not feeling as "you" as you could be, then consider the possibility that a big part of your attention may still be being held hostage by your own personal history of pain, loss, sadness, disappointment and well, ice cream buckets!

The good news is that since it's your attention, guess who is the most qualified for getting it back? ;-)

Yup! You are.

No matter how many dimples, pimples, wrinkles, spots, stains, veins and tear-stained t-shirts you have...

No matter how many times you tripped, slipped or were slapped around by Life... still have dreams worth dreaming and hopes worth holding on to, and we are here to keep on reminding you to get out there and make them happen!

The value of Life and living will never be measured by the brand of clothing or car you own. It won't be measured in the square ft of your palatial home nor the inches on your hips, bust, waist and thighs.


That's all worth a hiccup in the wind compared to the value of your dreams, your hopes for tomorrow and the possibility those have to create a life worth living for.

Here's what you can do about it:

1. Gather up all the bits and pieces of attention you may have scattered across your chocolate-coated cosmos and bring it right up here into the present moment.

2. Wriggle your gorgeous derriere to the closest park, hill, mountain, lake, field, forest or tree.

3. Look Life in the eyes and tell her you're here now and you mean business!

4. Become heartily invested in the creation of tomorrow and know that doing so is the best hope humanity has of creating a life worth living. Decide that what's done is gone. What's here for the taking is all you decide to create and make right in the world.

You're here because you've got a bit more punch in your pocket and a bit more spark in your sparkle than the rest of the world! So, we are counting on you to use it and get busy creating a world we can all believe in!


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