Reviews_Guy_Kawasaki''A heart-felt roadmap to fulfill your true purpose and change the world for the better'' Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, and former chief evangelist of Apple.


Reviews_Cynthia_Kersey''Take this exhilarating journey of self discovery to support yourself in actualizing your goals, dreams and aspirations'' Cynthia Kersey, Best Selling Author, Unstoppable


Reviews_JB_Professional_motivation''An inspiring read that will prompt you to get outside your comfort zone and reinvent your unique brand for personal and business success'' John Barnickel, Vice President, Pacific Northwest Cardiac and Vascular Group, Medtronic, Inc.


Review_Ron''Fried's practical minded book makes accessible what is often abstract and mysterious in our search for meaning and purpose'' Ron Croen, founder, former CEO of Nuance Communications and Silicon Valley entrepreneur.


Review_Marci_Schimoff''Igniting Your True Purpose And Passion is an uplifting, thought- provoking book. Read it and discover the secret to achieving true success" Marci Shimoff, NY Times best selling co-author of 6 Chickensoup For The Soul books and best seller Happy For No Reason, featured in The Secret.



This book by Robert Michael Fried is really good. It's very comprehensive and takes the author's expertise in a twelve-step marketing plan for business and applies it to your personal life. In fact it is an updated version of a book called "Marketing Plan for Life" by Fried. The book contains the most incredible collection of inspiring quotes I think I've ever seen in a book that wasn't a book of quotes! There are almost too many, but the author does a really good job of weaving them into the text so that they don't appear disruptive. This is not a book to read in one sitting but to be read slowly and reread. There are a number of exercises and things to think about. It is a book that should be pondered. I especially like the 7-point jump starts and executive summary at the end of each chapter.

Well done and highly recommended.

Stephen Mills, blogger (The Rat Race Trap),  Top 300 Amazon Reviewer and member of Amazon Vine™ Voice 


It is great to have a self-help book written by someone who not only knows his subject thoroughly but has lived it and achieved what he writes about. I think this book is very useful for empowerment both in business and personally. It is well presented with clear goals and exercises using experiences from the author and other highly successful people, who have often succeeded against the odds. This is certainly not a book to be missed by those who are keen to ignite their true purposes and passions. (This review is on Goodreads, Amazon US and Amazon UK).

Joanne Hanson, book reviewer & blogger


Robert Fried involves readers not only with twelve well-written chapters, but also with hundreds of quotes from interesting and successful people. Each chapter book discusses both business and personal principles for success. Each chapter ends with seven helpful points for working out the concepts presented. The author has analyzed and lived his twelve point business and life-planning outline. He discusses how to define and ignite your passion and true purpose in life and evaluate actions to reach your goals. You must also reach out and help others, practice clear and concise communication and understand the creative process. Also, learn time management, wise investment of time and energy, and leaving a legacy, among other issues.

Geni White, book reviewer & blogger



Part business guide and part guide to life, Robert Michael Fried creates an inspirational journey to achieving one's goals in "Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion". I've read quite a few inspirational guides blended with creating and acting upon professional goals, but I have to say that this ended up being one of my favorites for its straightforward, practical, and encouraging advice. 

It starts off, appropriately, with a quote from Ursula K. LeGuin: "It's good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end." Indeed, this sets the tone for the book at large because it is a journey of self-discovery on two levels, and the both are intertwined in ways that work in semblance with each other. 

The book is broken down into 12 chapters, each with two distinct, yet tangibly relevant sections. The first part of the chapter defines the business side of things, defining your "market statement" - shaping how to define your business, where the market is, assessing your audience among a number of practical applications pertinent to this, whether you're a self-starter or defining yourself in what may already be your desired career field. On the flip side, Fried creates a parallel with an individual's "Personal Statement" - defining personal passions, our reasons for living, what makes us happy and work/live/be at our best. None of the sections feel too expository, and they're blended together with a number of real-world examples, encouraging personal statements, as well as quotations and summaries that allow the reader to consider them at the end. It's very well organized and certainly a guide I could see myself coming back to from time to time for encouragement. It's a unique self-assessment guide, probably one that I found personally encouraging coming from a background of working in multiple disciplines, and I like that it plays to a person's passion and encourages productivity in the fields that one loves. 

I also really like the examples cited of successful companies and ideas, as well as the emphasis on a person building upon their strengths and creative pursuits. The seven steps at the conclusion of each chapter provided a nice summary of the content discussed within as well. There is an online assessment guide and links to a website containing things that may be helpful to the reader, but it's never beaten over relentlessly and the meat of the information is contained directly in this guide, so there's not a lot of jumping back and forth between one source and the other - something I appreciate in a solid business/wellness guide. 

I would certainly encourage people to give this guide a try, it was a wonderful read. 

Tykeeta Summers (blogger)