Chapter5 Re-Inventing Yourself

Re-Inventing Yourself

Evolving through the cycles of life. People like companies are in a constant state of evolution. Just as a company has product cycles, we as individuals, have life cycles. We have to constantly redefine ourselves as we go through life’s passages. An amazing example of personal re-invention can be seen by following the captivating story of Mark Wahlberg.

As a tough street-wise teenager Mark was sent to prison, but when he go out of jail he recorded a number-one hit song, became an world-famous model for Calvin Klein, an Academy Award nominated actor, and now is one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. He has reconstructed himself brick by glorious brick.

Personal re-invention is the action that occurs when we adapt to life’s changes, turning points and defining moments. By drawing from the past, we can better understand the future. Remember, as long as we have life, our life story is still unfolding.