Chapter6 build your personal brand

Building Your Personal Brand

Take stock in Me Inc. Just like a CEO of a company, you are in charge of your own personal brand. OK, let’s face it, you’re not Apple. You’re not Google, you’re not Nike, but you are in charge of an even more important brand – Me, Inc. Personal brand building is a process that offers your uniqueness to the outside world. It packages your attributes and characteristics in a way that allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Personal branding enables you to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. In essence, your personal brand is a precise calling card of what you stand for and how others perceive your attributes, skills and values. Your good name should stand for your core values like integrity, honesty and loyalty, to name a few. What you do for others beyond yourself will go a long way in making your personal and professional mark. Brand building creates a pulpit for who you are and what makes you unique that creates value for others. Here’s a punch line: You want to buy stock in a valuable company? Then take personal stock and make an investment in the most valuable company of all – Me, Inc.