Chapter8Reawakening Your Creativity 

Sharing your creativity with the outside world. Research studies indicate that we lose most of our childlike wonderment and creativity, as we get older. Don’t put your creativity on hold.  Let the creativity that resides deep within your veins flow freely. Animator Huck Jones tells us in order to draw a Coyote you have to have a Coyote deep with you and then unleash it to the outside world.

Creativity can come in the form of a novel or screenplay, baking a wonderful deep-dish Apple pie, creating a beautiful floral arrangement, learning to play your favorite song on a guitar or just rearranging your living room to create a more livable, relaxing space.

Each of us possesses our own form of creativity. Don’t let it lie dormant. Take action and express your own art form as a gift to the outside world. We all have a masterpiece inside us just waiting to explode.