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Community_ChimeinIn Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion, Bobby shares the story of his nephew Kevin and what inspired him to become a doctor. Has someone in your life inspired you to pursue your purpose and passion?… Chime in. Tell us about it.


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Community_PicturesHave you taken the pledge to Ignite Your True Purpose and Passion? Show us in pictures one thing that you've done each week... or show us something or someone that inspired you!


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Community_AmbassadorOur mission is help people all over the world become entrepreneurs of their own existence. Together we can make the journey to achieve true success. Be an ambassador of purpose and help get the word out!


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community_clubWhat steps have you taken to live up to your purpose and passion? How has the book Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion inspired or motivated you to do things differently?


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Community_BadgeTake the pledge. Get a badge. Show your commitment to your purpose. By commiting to Ignite Your True Purpose and Passion you open yourself up to the opportunity to use your unique abilities to change the world. 


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community_start_clubDid you know that being part of a group that meets regularly can make you just as happy as doubling your income would? Connect with the Thirdwind community, or create your own local club.


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Thirdwind is an interactive community dedicated to empowering people to achieve "true" success by realizing both their professional goals and personal dreams. We believe the key to attaining "true" success is achieving the delicate balance between making money and making meaning.

With 12 principles for achieving "true" success you will get the support you need to ignite your true purpose and passion. Seize this opportunity to become an entrepreneur of your existence!

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