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I am Cisco Clervoix. I am 28 years old and I'm from Naples, FL. Honestly, the things that I'm truly passionate about are things that I'm experiencing everyday. It took me sometime to realize it but my greatest passion is teaching and interacting with young people. The idea that I can make their day better or say something that would leave a lasting impression on their spirit allows me to embrace the notion, "It's a labor of love."

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Hello Thirdwinders and all random readers with whom I’ve yet to interact with in any way, shape, or form. My name’s Alex Abaygar and I am a 25 year old geek living in the Philippine Islands. I’m a self-confessed video game geek and I still enjoy playing them to this very day. It is my goal to one day become a reviewer for video games because it is a job which I feel can combine 2 of my favourite passions: writing and gaming.


Ryan_GreicoWriting has saved my life from certain certainty, and I enjoy every facet of the process. I concentrate primarily on fiction writing, where I turn sequences in my dreams into stories. My insomnia has given me a powerful imagination because I must dream every night in order to fall asleep. I also love to find humor in all aspects of life. I have published two satirical short stories, and have recently finished a satirical novel on American politics and culture called Insuring the Emotional Roller Coaster. I keep my passions, which include running, writing, public speaking, and tutoring, sacred. To me, few things are more human than following a passion.

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I’m Paul Michael Selloriguez. I was born on August 27, 1980. I have a twin brother. I finished my elementary with a physical disability (cant walk). I have polio. I wasn’t able to pursue my high school education because of my situation. As years passed I envied my brothers and friends who graduated high school. After nine years I decided to pursue my studies. I took the promotional test and passed. I was quickly promoted to 3rd year high school. I encountered hardship going to high school but because of my determination I graduated! The most important part was, I had inspired people and serve as a role model to a lot of people.

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