Don’t Waste a Minute on Mediocrity

We always seem to be running around… that's why they call it the human race. - Portia de Rossi

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Time is fleeting. It is one thing we cannot recycle and your most valuable resource. Invest it wisely in what matters most. By changing the way you think and learning to invest your time wisely, you can increase your currencies on all levels. Your productivity is a direct measure of how wisely you invest your time. To achieve your toughest goals and true success, you must get successful at time management.

While most books tell you to organize, prioritize, and schedule your day to reduce stress, boost productivity and reclaim your personal life, there’s more to this story. It starts with a fundamental assessment to ensure that things that matter most are not at the mercy of things that matter least. It’s about developing a strategy so you are investing quality time with quality people and putting yourself in the best position to succeed.

Are you currently investing quality time on the things that matter most to you?

We have only a limited number of heartbeats. It’s up to us to decide how to use them. In chapter 9 of Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion, Fried offers jumpstarts to help you get close to the action, so you can ensure you are efficient and making the most of one of your most precious, non-renewable assets - time. What are you waiting for?


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