How to Re-Awaken the Creativity Within You

"All children are artists. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up” - Pablo Picasso

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Creativity. It’s like a muscle - you either use or lose it. Creativity is often the definitive fault line between who succeeds today and who doesn’t. There's hardly a mission statement that doesn't herald it, or a CEO who doesn't hail it. Even those of us not in explicitly creative fields must come up with new ideas and insights in order to move ahead. Do you have a masterpiece within you just crying to get out?

It’s important not to put your creativity on hold or live life vicariously in the creative dreams of others. Well-intended family members and teachers often encouraged us exercise the more practical, logical, objective elements of our brain so we could get into professional paths that appeared to call for stifled creativity. In truth creativity is critical to succeed. Every career demands creative and empathic people who think outside the box.

Equal emphasis should be placed on both the left brain (uses logic) and right brain (uses feeling).  In our daily work and life we have to think outside the box whether we are lawyers, accountants,  software engineers, designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers, etc.

Our creativity is meant to be unleashed to the outside world. Ask yourself how you can use your creativity to harness your full potential. Creativity is a fundamental human ability that is essential for professional success and personal fulfillment. Fortune 500 marketing executive, Robert Michael Fried, reveals how to master this, taking readers to a daring new place, offering a provocative and urgent new way of thinking about a future that has already arrived. Fried offers 7 jumpstarting steps to help you harness your creativity and share your vision with the world around you.


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